SWERTRES RESULT January 11 2019

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SWERTRES RESULT January 11 2019 – Here is the result of the Suertres Lotto draw today by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). These Swertres winning numbers are updated every 11AM, 4PM, and 9PM.

11am: 3-9-3
4pm: 6-7-4
9pm: 7-0-3
(in exact order)

These numbers are the official Swertres Result for the draws held on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Meanwhile, you can post any Swertres hearing and reaction for today’s draw in the comment box below or review the past results at our Swertres result history page.

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Swertres Result Today – January 11, 2019

The following table contains the results and number of winners in Swertres lotto morning, afternoon and evening draws as of January 11, 2019:

Swertres Result – January 11, 2019
11:00 am 3-9-3 188
04:00 pm 6-7-4 101
09:00 pm 7-0-3 380

Source: PCSO

The prizes in Suertres Lotto are determined based on the following:


-In Standard or Straight Play, you win P4,500.00 if you get the 3 winning numbers in exact order.
-In Rambolito 3 Play, you win P1,500.00 if you get 1 pair of the same digit and 1 different digit.
-In Rambolito 6 Play, you win P750.00 if you get 3 different digits in any order.

QUOTE: “You may also want to play the Rambolito. Select a 3-digit number combination and the system will automatically permutate and generate all its possible combinations. If the selected 3-digit combination has no repeating digits, e.g.123, the number of combinations generated will be six (6). If the selected 3-digit combination has two (2) repeating digits, e.g. 122, the number of combinations generated will be three (3).” –PCSO

Other important reminders when playing Suertres Lotto:

  • Swertres draws are held everyday, at 11am, 4pm and 9pm.
  • Only those who are 18 and above are allowed to play the Swertres Lotto and to claim Swertres Lotto winnings.
  • Minimum play amount per 3 number combination is Php 12.00, inclusive of 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).
  • Verify if your tickets indicate the correct numbers and draw date (January 11, 2019) before leaving the lotto outlet.

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