LOTTO RESULT October 12 2018 (6/58 & 6/45)

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Are you ready to become the first lotto billionaire?! Official data from the PCSO shows that the jackpot for tonight’s 6/58 lotto draw has already reached 1.07 billion pesos. Make sure to buy your tickets early to avoid long queues and to check the dates in your tickets before leaving the outlet!!

The official Lotto Result October 12, 2018, Friday, are posted here. Lotto aficionados, these are the lotto results for the PCSO 6/58, 6/45 and 4D Lotto games today:

6/58 Lotto Result 10/12/2018

Tonight’s winning numbers:
6/58 Jackpot:
Winners (official count):
You can learn more about tonight’s 6/58 lotto results here.

6/45 Lotto Result 10/12/2018

Tonight’s winning numbers:
6/45 Jackpot:
Winners (official count):
Other prizes and details about this draw can be found on our 6/45 lotto results section.

4-Digit Lotto

Tonight’s winning numbers:
4D Jackpot:

Other results from PCSO can be found here: STL Result, EZ2 Result and Swertres Result.

Lotto Result October 12 2018 Friday Winners Summary

Draw Result Jackpot
6/45 23-26-12-10-36-30 Php 72 Million
6/58 28-14-54-50-17-27 Php 1.11 Billion
4D 4-5-1-8 Php 15,505.00
Please refer to the most recent PCSO prize payout chart if ever you are to claim your prizes.

The October 12, 2018 winning numbers for Ultra lotto and Mega Lotto can be in any order while the results for the 4-Digit must be in exact order as drawn by the machines.

Congratulations to all the winners in tonight’s draws! Visit this page if you do not know yet how to claim your prize.

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