FEB. 13, 2015 Friday 9pm Official PCSO Lotto Results Today

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The lotto results for today, Friday, February 13, 2015 shall be posted on this page after 9PM tonight. In case you missed yesterday’s winning numbers, you can check our 12 February 2015 lotto summary here.

An important reminder to all lotto fanatics out there: Lotto tickets are heat sensitive. Do not iron, wet or fold your tickets. PCSO will not honor damaged or tampered tickets!

The PCSO game offerings for today, Feb. 13, 2015 are the Ultra Lotto 6/58, Mega Lotto 6/45, 4-Digit game, 3D and EZ2 Lotto. Today is the 3rd 6/58 lotto draw. No one has ever won the jackpot of Ultra Lotto 6/58 yet so the jackpot for today is expected to exceed 50 million.

Below are the official and confirmed lotto results as announced by PCSO:

For Ultra Lotto 6/58, the winning numbers are:
The 6/58 jackpot prize as of draw time is:

For Mega Lotto 6/45, the lucky numbers are:
The 6/45 jackpot prize as of draw time is:

The results for 4-Digit game are:


The the results for lotto 6/58 and 6/45 may be in any order while the results for the 4-Digit must be in exact order as drawn from the machines.

And for your favorite digit games, here are the winning numbers of the morning (11am), afternoon (4pm) and evening (9pm) EZ2 and Suertres draws:

3D Lotto:
Morning (11am): 4-8-6
Afternoon (4pm): 4-8-6
Evening (9pm): 1-7-8

2D Lotto:
Morning (11am): 02-04
Afternoon (4pm): 14-06
Evening (9pm): 26-28

Make sure to affix your signature at the back of your tickets!! Please also review the updated Prize Payout table from PCSO before claiming your prizes.

PCSO lotto results 2/13/2015 (Thursday)

NB: This lotto results summary will be updated within ten to fifteen minutes after the Philippine lottery draw airing at PTV-4.

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