NBI to investigate massive corruption in PCSO

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Justice Secretary Menandro Guevarra on Sunday, July 28, said the National Bureau of Investigations (NBI) will probe the alleged massive corruption in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

“The DOJ [through] the NBI takes it upon itself to conduct an investigation into alleged anomalies in the operations of PCSO-licensed gaming operators, particularly the non-remittance of the proper share due the government and including any possible involvement or corrupt practices on the part of PCSO officials and or employees,” Guevara said.

The investigation is being made after the President ordered the suspension of all PCSO lotto and gaming operations on Friday evening due to alleged anomalies in the agency.

“I believe that until this investigation is completed and people responsible for cheating the government have been unmasked, PCSO gaming operations such as lotto and small town lottery (STL), which are otherwise legal, may not resume,” the Justice Secretary added.

Guevarra further stated that the President’s order stopping PCSO operations emanates from the latter’s “constitutional duty to faithfully execute our laws, if not from the inherent police power of the state.”

PCSO officials on Saturday announced that they will comply with the President’s order but will also appeal for the resumption of the agency’s operations.

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