Here is the the complete EZ2 Result history and compilation for the past 30 days including the latest 2D Ez2 results for today.

These EZ2 numbers are updated after the live draw conducted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

April 10, 2021
2pm:28-08 5pm:25-04 9pm:__-__
April 9, 2021
2pm:05-17 5pm:17-08 9pm:28-18
April 8, 2021
2pm:27-17 5pm:31-01 9pm:24-07
April 7, 2021
2pm:04-26 5pm:10-05 9pm:14-11
April 6, 2021
2pm:01-07 5pm:29-12 9pm:10-23
April 5, 2021
2pm:05-11 5pm:19-21 9pm:03-04
March 29, 2021
2pm:11-11 5pm:31-09 9pm:24-01
March 28, 2021
2pm:13-18 5pm:31-29 9pm:03-13
March 27, 2021
2pm:03-26 5pm:20-24 9pm:23-25
March 26, 2021
2pm:11-09 5pm:23-13 9pm:14-03
March 25, 2021
2pm:23-25 5pm:19-09 9pm:16-14
March 24, 2021
2pm:11-12 5pm:10-26 9pm:14-30
March 23, 2021
2pm:16-05 5pm:30-14 9pm:31-03
March 22, 2021
2pm:08-11 5pm:01-07 9pm:30-15
March 21, 2021
2pm:15-15 5pm:22-27 9pm:03-11
March 20, 2021
2pm:21-04 5pm:18-25 9pm:12-06
March 19, 2021
2pm:30-07 5pm:16-01 9pm:31-18
March 17, 2021
2pm:27-27 5pm:23-16 9pm:05-29
March 16, 2021
2pm:20-16 5pm:26-07 9pm:18-17
March 15, 2021
2pm:16-01 5pm:19-28 9pm:23-14

Remember that EZ2 result history above is limited to results aired by PCSO for the past 30 days.

Ez2 Results on this page are arranged chronologically with the latest results displayed at the top of the list.

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Each row contains the results for morning, afternoon and evening draws made on the specified date.

EZ2 Results are posted within ten to fifteen minutes after the draw results are made available by PCSO.

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