March 8th winning numbers 3 Digits Archive


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11am: 1-0-5
4pm: 5-0-7
9pm: 8-0-8

Latest swertres result March 8, 2018 (Thursday). The prizes for the Suertres draw today are listed below. SEE ALSO: Official EZ2 Result and Swertres result history for the past 30 draws.

PCSO Swertres Result 3/8/2018 Prizes

Play Description Prize
Standard 3 correct numbers in exact order P4,500.00
Rambolito 3 1 pair of the same digit and 1 different digit P1,500.00
Rambolito 6 3 different digits P750.00
Note: Here are the Official Swertres results for March 8, 2018…

UPDATED: Lotto results for March 8, 2018 (PCSO major draws).

Once again, the Suertres results/winning numbers are as follows…

3D Swertres result 3/8/2018 (Thursday):

Swertres Result 11AM – 1-0-5
Swertres Result 4PM – 5-0-7
Swertres Result 9PM – 8-0-8

Your Swertres numbers for March 8, 2018 must be in exact order to win the jackpot prize. Other lotto result from PCSO are also available.

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