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This is the latest 6/58 LOTTO RESULT September 25, 2018 which will be updated at 9pm Tuesday. The previous Ultralotto approximate jackpot prize was 704 Million Pesos. Tonight’s 6/58 lotto jackpot prize, on the other hand, is P 734,038,468.00 . There is/are 0 Ultra Lotto 6/58 Jackpot winners tonight!

Congratulations to 26 minor prize winners of the previous 6/58 lotto draw held last Sunday! Each of them received Php 243,370.00 for getting 5 out of the 6 winning numbers in the said draw.

Results for the previous 30 draws can be checked at the 6/58 lotto result history section. You can also see here the see here tonight’s 6/49 Lotto Result and 6/42 Lotto Result.

Once again, the 6/58 Lotto Result for September 25 2018 and draw summary are as follows:


The winning number combination can be in any order. Prizes shall also be given to those who have three, four or five out of the six 6/58 winning numbers drawn. The 6/58 prizes and detailed draw summary are discussed in detail below.

You can also view here the updated Lotto result September 25, 2018 drawn live by PCSO tonight.

PCSO 6/58 lotto result September 25, 2018 Tuesday Draw Summary

Ultralotto 6/58 PrizeNumber of 6/58 Lotto Winners
Jackpot Prize: Php 734,038,468.00 0 Winner/s
(5 out of 6): Php 229,040.00 32 Winner/s
(4 out of 6): Php 2,710.00 2,160 Winner/s
(3 out of 6): Php 20.00 52,775 Winner/s
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Standard Prizes for PCSO 6/58 Superlotto as of 9/25/2018

If your ticket hasYou win
6 out of 6 numbersPhp 50 M (Starting Jackpot)
5 out of 6 numbersUp to Php 280,000.00
4 out of 6 numbersUp to Php 3,800.00
3 out of 6 numbersPhp 20.00

Caveat: The prizes displayed on this page can be different from the actual amount that PCSO authorized outlets will give to the winners of September 25, 2018 draws. We strongly advice that you first refer to the PCSO prize payout chart before claiming your prizes.

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