6/42 LOTTO RESULT June 20 2020

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PCSO Lotto – 6/42 Lotto Result June 20 2020

6/42 Lotto Result June 20, 2020 – The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office announces the 6/42 Lotto Result June 20, 2020 at 9pm.
The 6/42 Lotto winning numbers are __-__-__-__-__-__ in any order with a jackpot prize of Php __________ .
PCSO said that there are _____ jackpot winners in the PCSO Lotto draw held tonight.
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6/42 Lotto Prize Payout for Saturday, June 20, 2020
The lucky bettor who matches all six 6/42 winning numbers above in any order wins the 6/42 jackpot prize tonight.
The table below contains the exact prizes to be given by PCSO.

Prize LevelAmountWinners
Jackpot Php __________ _____
5 out of 6 Php __________ _____
4 out of 6 Php __________ _____
3 out of 6 Php 24.00 _____

Source: PCSO
Note: The TRAIN Law requires PCSO to deduct 20% tax from lotto winnings above Php 10,000.00.
How to play the Lotto 6/42 game

  1. Select your 6/42 number combination by marking six (6) numbers out of numbers 1 to 42.
  2. Mark LP (Lucky Pick) if you want your numbers picked randomly by the computer.
  3. For Advance Plays, mark the number of consecutive draws you want to play in the Draw panel.
  4. Increase your chances of winning through 6/42 Lotto System Play. See table below for more information.
6/42 Lotto System Play

The chances of matching the 6/42 Lotto Result Today from PCSO increase with System Play.

If the selected 6-number combination in your ticket matches the officially drawn 6-winning number combination you win the jackpot prize. However, if more than one player picks the same winning 6-number combination, the jackpot will be divided equally among the jackpot winners.

Where to get June 20, 2020 6/42 Lotto Results and Updates
The latest 6/42 Lotto result for Saturday, June 20, 2020 above is posted after the 9pm PCSO live draw.
You can also watch the Lotto 6/42 draw tonight on TV at PTV 4 or at the PCSO livestream through its official Facebook page or Youtube channel.
PCSO conducts 6/42 Lotto draws at 9pm every TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY except during major holidays.
Head over to this page for updated 6/42 Lotto Result and prizes.
Important Reminders from PCSO
PCSO only allows persons aged 18 and above to play the 6/42 Lotto and to claim the winnings.
Lotto 6/42 players are responsible for checking the accuracy of the all data printed in their tickets.
Each 6/42 number combination costs Php 24.00, inclusive of 20% DST.
The draw results on this page were updated on June 20, 2020. Continue here for other PCSO Lotto Results and related lotto updates and tips.