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Here at PhilippinePCSOLotto.com, we make sure that all Philippine lotto results that we post are accurate. However, we still encourage our visitors to visit the official PCSO website and verify the number combinations from there.

The list below contains the latest lotto results from PCSO:

Ultralotto 6/58

The 6/58 Lotto winning numbers are 57-04-14-49-31-41 in any order

See also the following UPDATED results:

Official 3D Result - Swertres Result March 2, 2021 updated today at 2pm, 5pm and 9pm.

The latest 2D Result - EZ2 Result March 2, 2021 posted at 2pm, 5pm and 9pm today.

Visit this page to see the Lotto Result March 2, 2021 with summary of major draws tonight.

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Grandlotto 6/55

The Grandlotto 6/55 numbers are 51-50-02-25-52-22 in any order

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Superlotto 6/49

The 6/49 Lotto winning numbers are 32-28-23-15-13-05 in any order

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6/45 Megalotto

The 6/45 Megalotto winning numbers are 30-04-39-21-24-11 in any order

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Lotto 6/42

The Lotto 6/42 winning numbers are 25-02-18-38-12-28 in any order

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Swertres PCSO Lotto Results

2pm: 2-5-3
5pm: 9-9-5
9pm: _-_-_

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EZ2 PCSO lotto Results

2pm: 16-06
5pm: 15-28
9pm: __-__

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4-Digit Lotto

The 4D winning numbers are 1-0-1-5 in exact order

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6-Digit Lotto

The 6D winning numbers are _-_-_-_-_-_ in exact order

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STL Swer2

2pm: _-_
5pm: _-_
9pm: _-_

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STL Pares

2pm: __-__
5pm: __-__
9pm: __-__

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STL Swer3

2pm: _-_-_
5pm: _-_-_
9pm: _-_-_

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These compilations or summaries are updated after the evening (9PM) draw. Once again, we encourage you to view the official PCSO website at PCSO.gov.ph for verified results.

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  • Email Address: pcso_marketing(a)yahoo.com
  • Head Office Address: Sun Plaza Bldg, 1507 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

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