LOTTO RESULT compilation for all PCSO draws today. The lotto results summary is updated after the 9pm lotto result is announced by PCSO at PTV-4.

August 1 2015 LOTTO RESULT Saturday 9pm (PCSO 6/55, 6/42)

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As always, today’s lotto result August 1, 2015 (Saturday night draw), that will drawn by PCSO tonight at 9pm will be listed on this page.

PCSO’s game offerings for today are: GrandLotto, 6/42, 6-Digit game, 3D and 2D. The August 1 2015 lotto result summary containing all of the winning combinations for today’s draws are indicated below.

For those who haven’t bought their tickets yet, make sure you buy early today to avoid missing the cut-off!

Before we proceed, we would like to remind everyone that minors are not allowed to play any of PCSO’s lottery games. Do not ask anyone below 18 years old to buy tickets in your behalf.

Previous draw (yesterday) jackpot winners as verified by the Data Center: 0. Please check the July 31, 2015 (Friday) official pcso lotto result here for a more detailed results summary.

Good Luck to all those who bought tickets for today’s lottery draws. We will update the lotto result listed below within ten to fifteen minutes after the actual live draw by PCSO.

PCSO lotto results 8/1/2015 (Saturday Summary)

Pari-Mutel Games (6D, Grand Lotto and 6 /42 Lotto) Results

For PCSO GrandLotto, the results as shown in PTV-4 are:
The 6/55 jackpot prize as of draw time is
There is/are 1 winner jackpot winner(s) for this lotto game tonight.

For 6/42 Lotto, we have
Today’s jackpot prize for 6/42 lotto is
Number of jackpot winners for this game tonight: no winner

And for the 6-Digit (6D) game, we have:

Note: The winning 6/55 and 6/42 lotto number combination has no particular order. 6-Digit winning number combination, on the other hand, must be in same arrangement as above.

Lastly, for 3D and 2D lotto games, the results of the morning (11am), afternoon (4pm) and evening (9pm) draws are as follows:

Fixed Prize Games (Three-Digit(3D) and Two-Digit (2D))

3D (3-Digit)
Morning (11am): 5-2-7
Afternoon (4pm): 0-7-5
Evening (9pm): 3-7-1

2D (2-Digit)
Morning (11am): 27-04
Afternoon (4pm): 03-19
Evening (9pm): 04-23

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Before claiming your prizes, read and understand the updated PCSO Prize Payout chart.

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