PCSO 6/55 LOTTO RESULT 1/11/2017 Wednesday Draw

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Latest 6/55 lotto result January 11, 2017 (Wednesday 9PM Official Results)
Prior Grand Lotto Jackpot Prize was approximately at: 30 Million Pesos.
Tonight’s Official 6/55 Jackpot Prize: P89,553,164.00
Grand Lotto 6/55 Jackpot Winners: NO WINNER

PCSO GrandLotto 6/55 Prizes:

  • Jackpot Prize Php 30 Million (Starting amount) if you get 6 winning numbers
  • Up to Php 200,000.00 (Second Prize) if you get 5 winning numbers
  • Up to Php 3,000.00 (Third Prize) if you get 4 winning numbers
  • Php 20.00 (Fourth Prize) if you get 3 winning numbers

NB: Always refer to the PCSO payout chart before claiming your prizes. The actual prize that you will receive varies, depending on the number of winners for a particular draw. Prizes are divided equally among winners (pari-mutel).

Once again, the 6/55 Grandlotto results are as follows…

PCSO 6/55 lotto result 1/11/2017 (Wednesday):


(No particular order needed to win prizes)

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